As a start-up in the LEGO tower business, you will engage in a competitive battle with your industry rivals in this challenging game.
Your company’s performance will be assessed based on four key factors throughout the game: customer satisfaction (1), sustainability rating (2) , revenue (3), and ultimately, the profit achieved at the game’s conclusion (4).
Customer satisfaction reolves around deliveries being ON TIME, IN FULL (So Right Time, Right Quality). The orders will be scored by the customers!
The game consists of multiple rounds, referred to as “sessions.” Each session is akin to a “financial year” in reality.
Importantly, the results of one round will not carry over to the next round. In other words, you will begin anew with each round.
In the game, time flies by quickly, with a week passing in just four minutes. A session lasts for two hours, allowing for an immersive and efficient gameplay experience.
An exclusive invitation has been sent to all team members, providing them with login details to access a digital environment known as the “Game Engine.” Within this digital platform, you will discover the information related to your assigned role and your company. All options in the Game Engine are intricately linked to the game rules, which are comprehensively explained below and on all subsequent pages.
During the game, it is essential to adhere to the rules and regulations enforced by the authorities. Please refer to the guidelines provided by these authorities for a detailed understanding of the specific rules to be followed.
At the beginning of the game, a comprehensive map is provided by the projectcoordinator, illustrating the physical locations of customers, suppliers, and factories. This map serves as a valuable reference for navigating the physical game world effectively.