When you buy the raw material at different suppliers you need to pay directly (withdrawal from bank account).

You will receive a starting inventory on day 0 of the first session, which still has to be paid to the supplier within 10 days after the start of the game.  

Blok 2×2  Wit6 €                         24,00
Blok 2×2 Rood3 €                         15,00
Blok 2×2 Grijs4 €                         32,00
Blok 2×2 Groen6 €                         42,00
Blok 2×4 Wit6 €                         24,00
Blok 2×4 Groen10 €                         60,00
Grondplaat Groen/Zwart6 €                         66,00
TOTAL41 €                       263,00
The maximum amount of raw materials in a PO (Purchase Order) is limited to 350 pleuro value and to the size of the container. It is not allowed that the container is loaded above the brim.
Every purchase order needs internal administration, with a total cost 20 pleuro, directly taken from your bank account.
For every Purchase Order, the supplier will add 40 pleuro administration costs on the invoice.