Every Team of Players will go through 5 phases, in a cycle.

1) Activating all the knowledge and Experience that is already in the team. Looking back to data of the ‘history’

2) Preparation of everything that needs to be done in order to set-up a succesfull company. Understanding the game rules, analysis of data, making decisions at the different levels of the organisation and mapping the processes (Physical, Financial, Digital). Setting up the roles- and responsibyles in your team, including communication. Basicly it is everything that needs to be done prior to the gameday.

3) Setting up the production factory (and the rest of the company) before the start of the gameday. All operations should be ready to start!

4) Play! Run, Communicatie, Live Action!

5) Evaluate, get insight in the lessons learned and Report out!

Note: Depending on your organisation, the time spend per phase will differ. If you play more gamedays, the cycle will continue.

At ‘Planning & Organisation’ gives you insight in how you, as team, walk trough the phases of this game. What do you need to prepare upfront, how ‘a’ gameday (the real simulation) generally look like, how it is organized, which people (could) be involved e.g. 

At ‘Coaching’, the role of the coach is elaborated on. It explains what you can expect and can’ expect from this role.

At ‘Assessment’, you can find details on what could be options for feedback and assessment.

Keep in mind that the organisation you are playing in (for example an Higher Education Institute, or a Company) make their own choices in the time-planning / content, decide who will be the coaches, and how the game is assessed (grading / feedback e.g.)