Glad to see you are part of this game. 

Soon you will be running around in the building playing Apollo! 

This page gives you a little insight beforehand.

In the upcoming period you will start a journey as entrepreneur in the physical, financial and information world of Supply Chain Management. This game is a simulation the real world out there. It’s the perfect chance to experience this! Together with your team, you will start your own production company in LEGO Towers. After a period of preparation, you will have the chance to battle against other teams, in one or more game simulations! 

Who will be the winner?

You have to form a match-winning team, make strategic, tactical and operational choices. You will have to be smart with your financials, and the information flow is a vital part of the game. Everything is involved: from the actual ‘sales’ to the customers, the procurement of raw material at the different suppliers, setting up the perfect production-plant (with top-of-the-line planning), finding smart ways to distribute the product all the way to the customers and probably back, and much more. Exceeding the expectations of the customer, isn’t that the ultimate goal?


In order to be successful in this game, you need to know the rules of this game.. Navigate on this website to find more about the process, the game information and all involved rules.


Your learning experience starts here!